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Your Data and The Cloud

Your Data and The Cloud


At ArtBinder, we know that data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. It’s important to make informed decisions about how you store that data and to understand how the tools and services you use store your data. That’s why we want to share what we know about one of the most common, most secure, and most misunderstood ways to house data- on the Cloud.

Popular thought suggests that the closer you hold your data and the more tangible it is, the more secure it will be.  But for the tech-savvy, reliance on local storage as an efficient way to house data marched out the door around the same time that Cloud storage slipped into it.

Given that art is almost always encumbered by important data, data which often determines an object’s value, it’s worth reconsidering how and where you safe keep that information.


In the past, software and data were stored and processed primarily on individual computers or local servers. Now, these applications and data can live on the internet, or “the Cloud.”

The physical storage of the Cloud spans various groups of servers, and backup servers, which are owned and managed by hosting entities. These Cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping data available, accessible, and protected. 

Those who use Cloud-based applications and services enjoy the freedom of storing vast amounts of any data type or file size, which would otherwise monopolize storage capacity and processing power on local devices.

As an industry that relies heavily on aesthetics and the ability to verify information about art objects, the need for large volumes of quality images and documentation makes us a perfect use-case for Cloud storage.


There are public, private, and hybrid Clouds, which means that Cloud technology is suitable for nearly anyone, company, or data management scenario. And whether you know it or not, you likely already use Cloud storage!

Dropbox, Gmail, Google and Microsoft apps, iTunes, Youtube, and Amazon shopping lists are just some examples of Cloud-based operations. A handful of these larger companies even have the bandwidth to host their own servers and rent space out to businesses and individuals.

ArtBinder uses the premier cloud technology on the market, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Like most cloud service providers, AWS employs advanced security measures including:

  • Separating major components of sensitive information into separate data clusters.
  • Limiting relationships between clusters so that no one grouping contains clear information if breached.
  • Industry standard two-way and one-way encryption algorithms to protect sensitive information.
  • Regular system penetration vulnerability tests.
  • Encrypted protocols (https) to secure communication.


When you rely on a personal computer and/or local server to house your data, it lives in one place, where you can see it.

And while it’s tempting to think that holding your data close means that it is more secure, the mounting risks of data corruption, cyber threats, and loss due to human error that accompanies storing data locally paint a different picture. This is because locally housed data is not closely monitored and there are less and less sophisticated security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access.  

Essentially, the Cloud functions as a data bank, where you own and can gain access to your digital assets at any time from a monitored and secure environment via Cloud-based software and applications. 

Cloud technology allows ArtBinder clients to store unlimited images and files on our platform (at no additional cost!)  because unlike the pricing structure of desktop and local server storage, you pay for the convenience of service, not the amount “space” you take up!

To Learn more about ArtBinder’s Software and Security features, contact one our Client Service Reps at, or fill out our free demo request form below to speak with our Sales team about how ArtBinder can help you manage and protect your data!


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