You’ve been sleeping on one of America’s hidden gem museums: it’s a little spot in Washington with a lot of security and a collection of 50,000 American art objects. It’s called – wait for it – The White House.

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The White House, in addition to being the setting of the juiciest scenes in Veep, boasts a robust art collection that grows with every new administration. Every first family gets to add to the collection of art that decorates the famed walls of the East and West Wing.

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So yes, that means that DJT and Melania, better known for all gold everything than tasteful art connoisseurship, now will be able to choose works to bring into the mansion.



Starting with Jackie O., who first formalized the White House as a museum/historical society in 1961, each first lady has traditionally brought in or borrowed several new pieces for their new abode.

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The Obamas, tasteful humans that they are, revamped the collection by borrowing great contemporary objects, including works by Ed Ruscha, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns. Michelle also prominently displayed Alma Thomas’s Resurrection during her time, making Thomas the first African American woman artist to be exhibited in the White House


Alma Thomas, Resurrection and Early Bloomer by Robert Rauschenberg at the White House Family Dining Room. Photo via (via Widewalls)


Trump, meanwhile, has already installed a portrait of Andrew Jackson. He’s also already replaced a bust of MLK with one of Winston Churchill and has installed gold curtains in the Oval Office.



The White House’s long-time Curator (coincidentally?) left his post last month after 40 years in office. Trump will now need to appoint a new curator, responsible for the stewardship of art in the White House, perhaps ushering in a new era for art in our nation’s executive mansion.

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Only time will tell what kind of art works he and Melania (and, if we’re being real, shady collectors Ivanka and Jared) choose to add to the historical home collection as the next four years drag on.