As galleries prepare to take hiatuses during the August month, don’t miss your chance to see the last round of summer shows.

CK   CK2

Casey Kaplan

I am attracted none the less, their variousness, their ingenuity, their élan vital, and that something, essence quiddity, I cannot penetrate or name

Organized by Loring Randolph, I am attracted none the less… seeks to materialize the sensations one experiences when viewing certain images and objects. Besides capitalizing on the sense of sight, artists’ uses of visceral materials explore the other four senses.

Works by Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, N. Dash, Jay Defeo, Jason Dodge, Haris Epaminonda, Eloise Hawser, Dwyer Kilcollin, Nancy Lupo, Jean-Luc Moulène, David Nilson, Anna-Bella Papp, Diego Perrone, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Phillip Zach.



DZ   DZ2

David Zwirner

De Wain Valentine: Works from the 1960s and the 1970s

An artist of the Light and Space movement, Valentine is known for his sculptures composed of synthetic materials. His works, using geometric forms, explore light, transparency, reflection, and surface.


Title   AK2

Anton Kern Gallery

Nobuyoshi Araki: Eros Diary / Chris Martin: Three Black Paintings (1992-1996)

Araki’s striking black and white photographs, with their humorous and erotic undertones, are extremely autobiographical.  Somber and soft, each photograph bears a timestamp in recognition of his wedding anniversary to his wife Yoko, who passed away in 1990. In the back gallery, three large works by Chris Martin are displayed. Each canvas’s black background display unique, scalloped white lines.



Cheim & Read

Jack Pierson: onthisisland

This exhibition of new works by the artist is his first solo show at the gallery.  An eclectic mix of mediums, small watercolor and graphite works on paper, paintings and driftwood assemblages, are the by-products of the artist’s self-imposed stay on the island of North Captiva.