November 2, 2015

Tip of The Week: Invoicing

Last month, we released our newest feature, Invoicing! If you thought emailing artwork images and details from the app was easy, now you can also invoice clients with just a few taps. Already perfectly formatted, your invoices are good to go to clients in a matter of seconds. Now the only thing the ArtBinder app can’t do in the gallery is hang your artworks for you. Sorry, we’re working on it!

Invoicing in the app starts the same way that the Emailing function in ArtBinder works. Now, in the Share dropdown menu, the option to Invoice is below Email and Packet. If you want to send a single artwork Invoice, simply click on one artwork and press Invoice. If you want to send Invoices with multiple artworks, you can start an Invoice with one artwork and then save it, go back and then add artworks to the original Invoice.

IMG_0023Once you have the artworks you want to include in your Invoice, go ahead and input your Recipient’s information. Don’t worry, ArtBinder will format this perfectly for you.

After you fill in the Recipient’s information, go over to Payment information. Put in specific terms and conditions, such as discounts, specific tax rates and invoice numbering for seamless integration with accounting!


Before you send, you can Preview your Invoice by pressing the “eye” button in the top right. ArtBinder makes sure everything is clean and simple to read. If you missed something, you can return to your invoice and edit. Your Invoices can be branded with your gallery logo and do not mention ArtBinder anywhere.


When it’s good to go, send it off! The Invoice will be emailed to your client either as an attachment, a link or both! A copy will also be sent to the Sender’s email address for your reference. A copy of your invoice is also available on your online ArtBinder account. Like always, the ArtBinder office does not have access to your sensitive information, invoices included. No one will ever see any invoicing information unless you’ve invoiced them.