What are inventory IDs?

Inventory IDs are one way to organize your works and be able to identify which work goes with which artist.

How are inventory IDs used with ArtBinder?

Inventory IDs help our clients keep track of their inventory and search for particular objects.

In ArtBinder, inventory IDs let our software know which images go with which works. They are particularly helpful when completing a bulk upload. If your image files are saved with the inventory ID as the filename and you have an inventory ID column in your excel document, ArtBinder will pair the image with the work accordingly.

What should an inventory ID look like?

Typically inventory IDs include the first letter of the first name of the artist, the first letter of the last name of the artist, and then a number. For example, a work by Andy Warhol might look like this: AW.001.

You can also create your own personalized format. For example, if you are a gallery with two different locations, you could make your inventory IDs reflect the location of the work. For example, if ArtBinder had a gallery in Chelsea and a gallery in Brooklyn, one work’s inventory ID could be ABC.007 to reflect the Chelsea location while another could be ABB.011 to reflect the Brooklyn location.

Key Tip:

When uploading works into ArtBinder, always make sure that the filename of the image matches up with the inventory ID for the work. This will make your upload faster and more efficient!