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In 2k16, Instagram remains one of the key digital platforms through which to make the mundane marvelous, capture life’s fleeting moments, and, y’know, post hundreds upon hundreds of dog pics (there can never be enough). This is all the more true within the art world, where those with savvy, style, and keen eyes for the visual flood their feeds with cheeky, art-centric humor, priceless candid moments, and snaps that may as well be artworks in their own right. There’s those, too, that continue to turn instagram on its head, giving us a daily dose of the weird that we so badly need.

We could never include all of the art world’s gifted instagrammers on one humble list, but consider this a tribute to some of ArtBinder’s favorites—now scroll, ogle, and hit those follow buttons! (Maybe pay us a visit, too 👉 🔥🔥)


Alexandra Chemla, ArtBinder’s fearless leader, takes to instagram with the same bright spark that keeps our company smoothly humming along; those looking for a lovely stroll through all corners of the art world are well-advised to take note!


nice morning, but gotta motor

A photo posted by Sargent’s Daughters (@sargentsdaughters) on

There’s no shortage of art world flashbacks, witty jabs, or exhibition sneak-previews strewn throughout the Sargent’s Daughters feed, but this Heathers snap probably says more than any could about why we love them so (and keep coming back for more).


Marina Abramović ∞ + ∞ = ? #marinaabramovic

A photo posted by Hans Ulrich Obrist (@hansulrichobrist) on

Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s curation chops extend even to his instagram, where he’s long been serving up doodles, notes, and Post-It ramblings from some of the world’s leading artists.


“Post-internet” publication DIS Magazine keeps it reaaaaal weird on their hallucinatory insta, as is their wont. Welcome to our chrome-plated future, powered by Windows 95.


Hyperallergic, endless fount of both on-point art news and incisive op-eds, lets instagram be their mirror, using it as a running feed of onsite content (and much more). Wanna stay in the loop? Walk this way.


Jerry Saltz’s instagram is a thing of rare beauty, as evidenced by this flawless Richter selfie. Recommended if you like quietly profound musings, Trump memes, and a whole lotta nudity.



A photo posted by Andrea Rosen (@andrearosengal) on

Few gallerists’ instagrams are as straight-up fun as Andrea Rosen’s, which feels like one big party that everyone’s invited to.



A photo posted by Ai Weiwei (@aiww) on

Leave it to Ai Weiwei to radicalize instagram and wield it towards righteous political ends. 🙏


If you’re after pure, uncut art, it’s hard to beat the marvelously curated Collectors List, which is something like a contemporary art course in miniature.


Regram from @amivitale

A photo posted by Tauba Auerbach (@lil_tau_au) on

When I die, bury me in Tauba Auerbach’s instagram.