The art advisor: the omnipresent, all knowledgeable gatekeeper to the #artworld.

Managing, collecting, selling, curating, they do it all. Second to the art collector, some would say they have the best job in the #artworld (hint: we would). Our art advisor clients are always on the go, traveling with clients, spec’ing spaces, and meeting with artists. ArtBinder lets them take their options with them at all times. One pivotal way ArtBinder helps art advisors is with project proposals and client presentations.




ArtBinder organizes works according to ANY customizable category.

Our default categories include Artist, Availability, Exhibition, Medium, Price, Year. In addition to those, our clients can create your own Categories. Kid-friendly, Acquired, Figurative, Large-scale, Bright, Photocollage, Celebrity Artist are only some of the categories advisors have created and use to organize potential purchases for clients. This makes it easy to quickly pull up works that may be of interest to their clients on the go, depending on their preferences. Interested in trying it out? We offer all new accounts a trial for 30 days. Meaning you. 


In addition to categories, one can also create curated selections of works using our Compilations tool.

Compilations allow users to put as many works as they wish in one grouping to easily draw upon and present potential acquisitions to a client. All the works in a compilation are also still searchable by medium, artist, year etc. and have the added bonus of being all together in their own grouping. This is invaluable, as in ArtBinder, advisors can not only prepare for a presentation, but also improvise if a client wants to go in another direction. Advisors can easily access all the ideas, works, shows, galleries they’ve considered in a matter of seconds.





Do not send another PDF ever again. Not only are PDF attachments cumbersome for both advisors and their clients (who has time for that?) it’s simply not safe! ArtBinder Packets allow advisors to create a link with as many (or as few works) as they wish to include to send to clients. He or she can open an ArtBinder Packet in any web browser, meaning access from anywhere. Our favorite part of ArtBinder packets, though, is the assurance that potential acquisitions will not be shared with anyone unless specified by the advisor. A Packet can have an expiration date, giving a viewer a set amount of time to see the works, or a click-limit to limit how many people can access the Packet. Much like art advisors, ArtBinder values discretion over everything else. Art advisors + ArtBinder = efficiency. 



A client presentation of a project proposal is all about visuals. Make sure it’s nothing but the most elegant, polished and professional proposal possible. That means no paper.

No paper?

Nope. None. Absolutely not.

In ArtBinder, it’s possible to keep all paper trails related to potential acquisitions on an iPad, directly linked with the work itself. This means important documents like provenances, acquisition records, archival invoices, Certificates of Authenticity, condition reports, relevant press, artist biographies, everything can be attached to a specific artwork, leaving advisors completely paper-free. With ArtBinder, advisors able to reference the most obscure of details related to any artwork right from your iPad. Impressive.


Interested in trying to ArtBinder for your next project proposal? We’d love to help. We can offer a free thirty day trial so you can see if ArtBinder is right for you. Get started here.

Header image: © Louise A. Lawler