Feeling blue as the seasons begin to change? One complete day of art for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one of the richest cultural cities in the world is just what you need. Keep in mind that our list is far from complete, and honorable mentions include: the MoMA, Tenement Museum, and Studio Museum in […]

ArtBinder, Primer

Encapsulating an artist and their work is no easy task, and when one is forced to do this in a short, sweet manner—on the floor of a fair, during a fast-paced call, or, god forbid, in the space of an elevator ride—the challenge grows bigger still. When it comes to the gritty, breakneck primer, where does […]

What weekend gallery openings are you going to be talking about in the office come Monday? Well, after getting a glimpse into the oeuvre of Anton van Dalen at Sargent’s Daughters (that was the May 18th, wasn’t it?), you took Thursday night to loop back to the East Side and catch Justine Hill’s wildly contoured canvases at Denny […]

ArtBinder, 1:54

So far this Frieze week we have covered Context New York, Collective Design, and Art New York. Whew- that’s a big itinerary already, but if you’re still craving something new then we recommend you head to Red Hook in Brooklyn for the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Now in their second year in NYC, 1:54 has definitely hit […]

With our matchmaking guide, we extend a hand to collectors of all stripes and offer them personality-specific gallery rosters prepared to cater to their respective needs. Whether you’re a well-worn veteran of the collecting game or have just begun to dip your toes into the art-world waters, it’s our hope that you’ll find this a […]

Paris has been synonymous with capital-A ‘Art’ for as long as the Eiffel Tower’s sky-scraping spire is tall, so the fact of its being an art-fair destination is hardly unusual. Whereas certain international art fairs are tasked with localizing the global-reach of the contemporary art market in corners of the world to which such operations […]

While the art world is cooling down after its summer season of art fairs, why not take a culturally-enriching getaway to the past? Converted artists’ homes and studios to public heritage sites are the perfect destinations for weekend trips during the August lull. Withdrawing from major cities (much like vacationers), artists centered themselves in secluded […]