Feeling blue as the seasons begin to change? One complete day of art for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one of the richest cultural cities in the world is just what you need. Keep in mind that our list is far from complete, and honorable mentions include: the MoMA, Tenement Museum, and Studio Museum in […]

ArtBinder, Primer

Encapsulating an artist and their work is no easy task, and when one is forced to do this in a short, sweet manner—on the floor of a fair, during a fast-paced call, or, god forbid, in the space of an elevator ride—the challenge grows bigger still. When it comes to the gritty, breakneck primer, where does […]

Gone are the days of oppressive heat and suffocating humidity. The rest of this week promises a cool respite from the summer heat prompting us to go for a nice long gallery stroll. So get out there and enjoy what the city has to offer! While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to our […]

It’s the beginning of August, and the #artworld will soon begin to wake up. We’ve got you covered with the latest #artworld activities and happenings of the past week, so you can stay informed on everything that’s been going on under the hot summer sun. As always, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily […]

You see that kid having a blast with the VR goggles? 👆🏽That could totally be you! ArtBinder forecasts a whole lot of great art with a good chance of mind-blowing fun this weekend. So what are you waiting for? Do read on for our recommendations of museum & gallery openings to attend! The Must See’s: […]

seattle art fair artbinder

We’re back, and we are talking Seattle Art Fair. Last year’s fair accumulated over 15,000 visitors. Ticket sales just from the first two hours alone raised $85,000 for Artist Trust. But did the art sell? Is Seattle Art Fair indeed a success, or was it established to bring art to the limelight of technology? Billionaire […]

Summertime sure feels like a time to be lazy and lethargic, a time to just blast the AC and park yourself somewhere to avoid the heat– but the #artworld keeps moving. Here at ArtBinder, we’ve compiled the most noteworthy headlines in the #artworld this week. If you want to get in the know,  all you […]

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The summer is flying by and on this lovely (and yes, breezy!) day, we are fueled up for the next round of summer in NYC gallery openings. Here at ArtBinder we don’t like to miss a beat, so we are making sure you are looped in every step of the way! Spanning east to west, […]

art marbella

What was once home to Pablo Picasso, the Spanish avant-garde, and of course, tapas deliciosas, is now home to the European art fair of the moment: Art Marbella. While you are galavanting around Europe for your summer getaway, be sure to pencil in Art Marbella for the icing-on-the-cake to a three day cultural hub featuring […]


It’s very possible that this week, you might have been a bit too busy snapping pics of Manhattanhenge or scrambling to buy an AC during the heat wave to really catch up on the #artworld’s latest developments. Fortunately for you, this is ArtBinder’s #artworld Weekly Reads’s raison d’etre–to do the catching up for you.  While […]