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5 Simple (and free) Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Gallery Show

5 Simple (and free) Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Gallery Show


It’s hard to believe, but summer hours will soon be coming to and end and the regular exhibition schedule will resume. Get ahead of your autumn workload and learn more about out how to promote your upcoming events!

While promoting your show and accompanying opening can sometimes be a difficult task, it does not have to be an expensive one. With these five simple (and FREE) strategies, you will be able to reach a wider audience and hopefully bring in new clients and contacts.

  1. Utilize Email Marketing Sites
    Using email can be a fast an easy way to reach out to current clients to help promote the upcoming shows to them. Using an email marketing site such as MailChimp can allow you to easily send out hundreds of emails. While these types of tools do have paid subscription models, many also offer free subscriptions that still allow you to easily send emails out to your contacts.
  2. Integrate Social Media Platforms
    Using multiple social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you to reach a wider audience. The demographics on each platform differ slightly so the more platforms you use the more people you will reach. The more people that know about your show, the more people that will come in to see it. Bonus points: find your local influencers and invite them to come to your show and opening! Everyone loves a good art selfie (or at least free white wine).
  3. Contact Gallery Maps
    Contacting a local gallery map website or group can help to literally get you on the map for visitors. These not only help people find your gallery but many of them also help to get the word out about your current show. An example of a site that offers this service is Neil and Bob’s Gallery Guides.
  4. Use Word of Mouth
    This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with key contacts already in your! Invite your friends to come, and invite them to bring other friends. A recommendation from a friend is more likely to get someone to come in and see the show than from a source they don’t know or trust.
  5. Get Featured on ArtBinder Instagram
    It’s no stretch of the mind that Instagram has been a transformational platform for the art world, as it encompasses such a visual industry and audience. Tag us and let us know about your upcoming show @artbinder and use the hashtag #ABsees.

Good luck out there as the season starts to pick back up again. We’re looking forward to seeing your posts on social media. Let the white wine, schmoozing, and sales flow!

Now that you’re well on your way to your best opening yet and growing your contact list, find out how ArtBinder can help you stay connected with your clients and make sales in just a few taps on your iPhone or iPad.

Drop us a line at to lean more about our software and mobile products built for the art world.


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