With Art New York and Collective Design duly covered, we now hop along to the former’s sister-fair, CONTEXT, which will be making its NYC debut in just three short days. If the name has a ring of familiarity—and it should—it’s likely because the fair has been sweeping through Miami since 2012, continually bringing with it a strong show of work by rising or mid-career artists. If the past several years are any indication, it should provide an ideal counterpart to the more rock-star-centric Art New York, directing deserved exposure to those artists soon to break big.


ArtBinder_CONTEXT 2

CONTEXT New York at Pier 94

VIP Preview: 2pm to 5pm, May 3 (By invitation only)
May 3—8, 2016
Pier 94
12th Avenue at 55th Street
New York City

Tuesday, May 3rd: 5pm to 8pm
Wednesday, May 4th–Saturday, May 7th: 12pm to 8pm
Sunday, May 8th: 12pm–6pm

ArtBinder, CONTEXT

Courtesy of Art New York/CONTEXT New York


CONTEXT will be cozying up just beside Art New York in the 133,000 square feet of floorspace offered by Pier 94, and this close proximity offers more than convenience; placed under the same roof as comfortably canonized masterpieces, the work of newly discovered artists will enter a broader aesthetic conversation sure to cultivate new resonances, historical or otherwise.

While one of CONTEXT’s virtues is its tendency to occasion moments of blind discovery and surprise, we will, of course, present a handful of highlights that we’d nudge you to circle, check, or firmly ‘X’ on your map. First, wend your way towards Binghamton-based operation Anthony Brunelli Fine Art, a venue that proudly reps the tried-and-true style of photorealism amid a market saturated with the concept-driven and abstract-leaning.

You might next want to visit Santo Domingo’s Lyle O. Reitzel, particularly if you’re drawn towards art of Latin America and the Carribean; the darkly chromatic landscapes of Haitian painter-sculptor Edouard Duval-Carrié will be among the wares on view. At last, assuming that you’ve still got an ounce of stamina left, head in the direction of Elizabeth Clement Fine Art, which deals in everything from Early Modernism to upper-crust Pop Art. In the spirit of CONTEXT’s focus, the gallery will be boasting a selection of contemporary work, notably the photography of Daniel Phillips.

Insider Tip:

While you may find familiar work at CONTEXT, it’s also likely to present you with an array of names with which you’re completely unfamiliar. Embrace the spirit of the new and undiscovered by cutting loose your aesthetic biases, stylistic inclinations, and collecting sensibilities; some of the most bracing surprises may be served by genres, schools, and exhibitors entirely foreign to you. If that smacks of lofty New Age rhetoric, well, we apologize. We have been listening to a lot of gamelan records lately.


Header image:

Rafa Macarrón



Mixed media on aluminum

27.56 x 27.56 x 1.18 in.


Courtesy Juan Silió Gallery