This week we sat down with Maayan Walt, our office saint. This avid yogi and vegan keeps our office sane, efficient, and always fun! Not to mention we all love her cutie of a dog, Joya who always brightens up the office with her daily snores. 



Name: Maayan Walt

Hometown:Kefar Sava, Israel

Position at ArtBinder: Executive Assistant/ Office Manager


How long have you been working at ArtBinder?  

7 months

Best part about working at ArtBinder?

The great, creative, and smart people! It’s a fun office. Also, the weekly yoga.

How did you end up at ArtBinder?

I was always interested in the art world and saw this as a great opportunity.

Favorite Artist?

Kitra Cahana. She’s a landscape photographer from Montreal who used to work for National Geographic. Now she’s joined a young artist collective who lives on the streets as part of a larger project.

What is your favorite gallery/museum in New York?

Yossi Milo Gallery (a photography gallery)

If you could own any work of art what would it be?

The Woman in Gold by Gustav Klimt. It was such a great movie!

What was your first job?

I worked in real estate at a relocation company.

Favorite summer activity in NYC?

Rooftop bars and biking. Citibike is a good activity after the bars haha

Favorite go- to lunch spot?

Blossom. It’s all organic and vegan.

Favorite country?

Italy…but to travel, not to live in.

What about to live in?

Senegal. Beautiful place, amazing food and happy people 🙂

You eat mostly vegan…so what does Joya eat?

Vegan dog food! Organic coconut and banana treats are her favorite.

How did you pick the name “Joya?”

It’s a very common Italian name. She was “my joy” when we lived in Italy.

Best advice you have ever received?

Always surround yourself with positive people.