Fall is here and we’ve returned with our series featuring the hottest shows of the week. As the weather cools, what better way to warm yourself than with some bubbly at a few gallery openings? Several of this week’s exhibits revolve around the question of identity. Talk about food for thought.


The Must See’s:

Starting out in Chelsea, Gallery d’Arte (http://gallerydarte.wixsite.com/darte) presents Elli Chrysidou’s series of double portraits. Meant to be viewed together, these pairs of drawings evoke the complexity of the female while referencing works of the German Old Master Albrecht Dürer.


Next stop: NoHo. At Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery (http://waldandkimgallery.org/), Luminiscence showcases large-scale light installations by six contemporary Korean artists. As all the artists featured in this exhibit currently live or have lived in the US, their works represent the convergence of their Korean heritage and Western artistic practices. Truly reflective, in both senses.


Crossing the East River over to Brooklyn, Turkish-born, American artist Tulu Bayar’s 20 Letters at Amos Enos Gallery (http://www.amoseno.org/) highlights short essays by 20 women about the challenges they face due to their Muslim identity. Bayar photographed and recorded these essays on photographic film then laid them on maple boards. The interwoven scrolled films, partly hidden yet partly revealed, express the women’s state of mind between confrontation and silence.


If this isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for art, check out other openings below.


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Header Image: Dong Chul Ha, Silence 94-22, 1994, acrylic on canvas, 63 x 87 in. Courtesy of Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery and Dong Chul Ha.