While Frieze London is burning up across the ocean, we have our own talk-of-the-town NYC gallery openings. From Instagram art to an insider’s look into the lives of hyper-glamorous supermodels of the 90s, here’s our recommended openings of the week.


The Must See’s:

Who says Instagram pics can’t be art? Adolfo Doring’s conceptual book Posted 162 Grams features his Instagram posts over the course of a year. But don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as simply pulling the images from his Instagram and compiling them into a book. Check out the show to see what we mean.

While you step away from your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for a moment, take some time to appreciate the colors of nature in Susan Goldsmith’s Apropos Beauty. Goldsmith reveals her love for nature’s transient moments in these resin paintings, which are perfect for the season as the leaves start to change and usher in the golden colors of autumn.

Want to step back in time? Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. Catch a glimpse of the hollow glamour surrounding the fashion world in Miles Ladin’s Supermodels at the End of Time. Ladin’s photos brings viewers back to the 90s and takes them backstage to A-list events such as the Met’s Costume Institute Gala and New York Fashion Week. Starring iconic supermodels such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Iman, and many others.

We know this is only an appetizer for all you avid art lovers so be sure to check out other gallery openings below.

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Header Image: Susan Goldsmith, Quinta Vara (5 Panels), white gold leaf with pigment print, oil pastel, metallic watercolors, acrylic paint, crystalina and resin on wood panel, 60 x 50 in overall. Courtesy of Gallery Henoch and Susan Goldsmith.