Hello there art enthusiasts. Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to pump up for the weekend festivities than to visit a bunch of equally-awesome art shows? From Pipilotti Rist’s psychedelic exhibit at the New Museum to eccentric works by emerging Japanese artists, here are our recommended openings of the week.


The Must See’s:

First up is Pipilotti Rist’s retrospective Pixel Forest that is already making headlines prior to its opening this Wednesday at the New Museum. The show is a comprehensive survey of the artist’s oeuvre, from Rist’s early videos of the 80s that explore the representation of the female body to recent works that immerse viewers in their dreamlike environments and vivid colors. Not to be missed is the exhibition’s namesake Pixel Forest, an installation of 3000 LED lights suspended on tendril-like cables that unite to create a forest of images.   


At Claire Oliver Gallery, Matthew Sleeth’s Rules to Live By highlights how signs compel us to behave in a certain way. Sleeth’s sculptural works feature texts from found, combined, appropriated, and invented signs and instructions. The artist urges viewers to uncover the cultural assumptions and conventions coded in the text of these signs in order to recognize the power they hold over us and ultimately answer the question, “Why is it so difficult to ignore a sign?”


Finally, hpgrp GALLERY brings together 7 Japanese artists who embody the Basara aesthetic in Tengai 3.0. Coined by the artist Hisashi Tenmyouya, Basara is a movement that promotes innovation, eccentricity, and extroversion, setting it apart from the delicate and graceful features of the Yayoi style in Japanese culture. With this group of artists who upset conventional genres, you’ll get everything from samurai paintings to surreal landscapes!


So many shows, so little time. Be sure to check out other dope gallery openings below!


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Header Image: Pipilotti Rist, Pixelwald (Pixel Forest), mixed media, dimensions variable. Installation view. Courtesy of Pipilotti Rist and New Museum.