Welcome back art lovers. We hope you had a smashing Halloween weekend! A new month means another wave of exciting art shows. Abstract Expressionists and renowned women artists – these are the stars of our recommended openings this week!


The Must See’s:

For the Abstract Expressionist fanatics out there, this one’s for you! On view at Mnuchin Gallery is Chamberlain/De Kooning, which brings together John Chamberlain’s sculptures and Willem de Kooning’s paintings that were also on view at the celebrated Frieze Masters fair last month! Through a series of compelling pairings that highlight the shared color and energy permeating the works of Chamberlain and de Kooning, this show underscores the visual dialogue between these two acclaimed artists’ oeuvre.


At Danzinger Gallery, Annie Kevans showcases works from “The History of Art,” a series featuring portraits of 20 renowned female artists. Here, Kevans breaks away from the traditionally male-dominated perspective in art history, which unjustifiably reduces many of these brilliant women artists to their status as friends, wives, daughters, and students of male artists. Instead, she allows viewers to put faces to the names of these women artists and appreciate them in their own right. Also on show are portraits from her other series, such as “Drag” (Warhol, Duchamp, and other male artists in drag) and “All the Presidents’ Girls” (Presidents’ mistresses and children of Presidents and their slaves).


It seems like November is the month for Abstract Expressionists because in addition to the Chamberlain and de Kooning show mentioned above, Pace Gallery presents Rothko: Dark Palette, an exhibition that tracks the history of Mark Rothko’s use of dark colors. This is an incredible opportunity to see Rothko’s works from various private and public collections all over the country in one place so be sure not to miss it!


As usual, why go to only one show when you can go to several? Check out other gallery openings below!


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Header Image: Annie Kevans, Amrita Sher-Gil, from the series “The History of Art,” oil on paper, 16 x 12 inches. Courtesy of Annie Kevans and Danzinger Gallery.