We know you’re still recovering from the surprising election results. So are we. That’s why we’re back with a series of shows that will definitely cheer you up! Love, color, and hyperchromatic polaroids – who won’t be excited about that?!


The Must See’s:

Love trumps hate. Marlborough Gallery sure read our minds with Ai Jing’s well-timed exhibition Love to cure those post-election blues. In this series, the artist creates the word “love” in thickly impastoed block letters on canvas in various color schemes. “Ai Jing’s love of creating has determined her attitude toward art. She goes through great pains to achieve a kind of rapport between concept and material … Her art – like her love – has no borders,” writes curator Chen Lusheng in the exhibition catalogue. So immerse yourself in the forms, the textures, and the vivid colors of Ai Jing’s “love portraits.” And to put you in the mood of the show, listen to the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love.” Instant pick-me-up.


Boxing and art come together in Omar Hassan’s Breaking Through. A former boxer before he was diagnosed with diabetes, Hassan creates artworks by punching the canvas with boxing gloves dipped in paint. If your Thursday night is still open, be sure to go to the opening, which features a live performance by the artist. The created artwork will be auctioned off to benefit the Lyfebulb Foundation whose aim is to improve the quality of life of people living with chronic diabetes. Also included in this show are works from Hassan’s “Injections” series, which refer to the daily insulin injections he takes. In these works, the bursts of color symbolize the artist’s positive outlook while living with diabetes.


Remember those days when polaroids were the coolest thing ever? Miles Aldridge’s Please Return Polaroid will no doubt take you down the memory lane. Aldridge’s polaroids are not just snapshots of fleeting moments, however. Filled with intrigue and mystery, they are open-ended stories just waiting for viewers to complete. So go ahead, fill in between the lines.


For more fun, lively, and thought-provoking shows to lift your spirits, check out other openings below!


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Header Image: Omar Hassan, Breaking Through #10, 2015, mixed media, 52 x 79 in. Courtesy of Omar Hassan and UNIX Gallery.