nyc art gallery openings

NYC gallery openings in the sun! Finally!

Summer has officially begun. Shades out everybody 😎☀️

The nice weather gives us all the more reason to bask in the sunlight and go for a lazy gallery stroll. ArtBinder has picked out the best of best summer openings in the city for you, so you can ditch that flimsy pamphlet.


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Our recommendations for you :

Most galleries spend their summers revisiting neglected themes and ideas to come up with exciting group shows organized by curators. Translation: a perfect opportunity for you to see works by several different up and coming artists in a single go (many of whom are not officially represented by the gallery!) Sweet.

Tonight, I’ll be heading over to Gladstone Gallery for the opening of their stunning group show titled See sun, and think shadow that explores the formal tool of antithesis.

Not feeling like going out on a hump day? No worries, Thursday tends to be the night most Chelsea galleries have their openings anyway. Some of the more anticipated highlights include Hauser & Wirth’s  A Modest Proposal, Pace Gallery’s Blackness in Abstraction, Cheim & Read’s The Female Gaze, Part Two, Marianne Boesky’s I Talk with the Spirits, and three separate shows at  Marlborough Chelsea.

But moving away from the Chelsea district, we’ve got a number of openings worth attending. Definitely try Team Gallery, 47 Canal, and Lisa Cooley in LES. And for the lucky Brooklyners I would recommend the Pierogi Gallery and Stream Gallery.

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Header Image: Lucas Blalock, Meathead, 2016, courtesy Hauser & Wirth