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NYC Gallery Openings: July 27 – 29

NYC Gallery Openings: July 27 – 29


You see that kid having a blast with the VR goggles? ??That could totally be you! ArtBinder forecasts a whole lot of great art with a good chance of mind-blowing fun this weekend. So what are you waiting for? Do read on for our recommendations of museum & gallery openings to attend!

The Must See’s:

First things first, if you still haven’t had the chance to check out the following museum exhibitions yet, make these your priority:

New Museum’s The Keeper

Guggenheim’s Moholy-Nagy: Future Present

Met Breuer’s Diane Arbus: In the Beginning

Speaking of great museum shows, Whitney Museum has just begun showcasing another commendable one of Sophia Al-Maria: Black Friday. This will be the first official show in US for the Qatari artist, who coined the term “Gulf Futurism” to talk about the socio-economic developments and the effects of consumerism in the area via merging of imaginary and real surroundings.

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Sophia Al Maria (b. 1983), still from Black Friday, 2016. Collection of the artist; courtesy The Third Line, Dubai


The Museum will also be hosting performance art piece by Jill Kroesen, titled Collecting Injustices, Unnecessary Suffering. As stated on the museum’s website, Kroesen is regarded for her manifestations of “socio economic, sexual, and gender politics through funny, ramshackle, and chaotic performances.”

As for the gallery openings, there are a number of great shows to attend in the LES, starting with Sargent’s Daughters’ Brandi Twilley whose paintings explore ideas of how traumatic events change and distort in our minds over time, obscuring facts and historical reality.

Recess in SoHo will be having their Book Swap and reception by Black Art Incubator to promote Black artists. Visitors will be allowed to bring their own books to add to the library in exchange for others.

Take a moment to visit Hollis Taggart Galleries this week for their group show Highlight:Summer One. Curated by Paul Efstathiou, the exhibition presents works by seven emerging contemporary artists. The show brings together an eclectic mix of talent ranging from Eric Shaw’s sketches done on his smartphone to William Buchina’s graphic paintings charged with political satire.


Here’s how to use the Gallery Guide:

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Header image Courtesy Stocktown Films, Afripedia – Dance Battle 360°, 2016. Virtual reality video, 3:30 min. Courtesy Stocktown Films



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