Last week you needed a 12 dog sled team to make it out to gallery openings, but this week you have no excuse to miss the new shows sprinkled across the city. Leading the charge on this week’s openings is Hauser and Wirth with Larry Bell: From the 60’s at their 69th street location. Later in the week, be sure to check out Yancey Richardson Gallery’s show with Olivo Barbieri when you’re buzzing around Chelsea. Don’t forget the galleries below Houston though! Lisa Cooley and others will not fail to impress. Seriously, get out there and enjoy this moment of Spring before Winter comes back with a vengeance. Our handy-dandy map below has all the essential details!

Confused? How to use the map:

  • The map’s various colors represent different days of the week. For a key, click on the arrow icon next to the map title.
    • For example, to see galleries with openings on the weekend only, first click on the arrow icon. If you uncheck every box except Saturday and Sunday, you will only see the galleries with weekend receptions.
  • Click on a marker to find out more information! A side bar will appear showing the gallery and exhibition name, as well as other useful tidbits.
  • To prevent confusion for galleries in the same building, the marker takes a different shape for every overlapping venue.


Header image credit: Larry Bell, Lil’ Orphan Annie, 1960, Acrylic on canvas © Larry Bell, Courtesy Hauser and Wirth Gallery, New York