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NYC Gallery Openings: August 3 – 5

NYC Gallery Openings: August 3 – 5


Gone are the days of oppressive heat and suffocating humidity. The rest of this week promises a cool respite from the summer heat prompting us to go for a nice long gallery stroll. So get out there and enjoy what the city has to offer!

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Our picks for you this week:

Swing by the New Museum this Thursday afterwork for a talk with Lorraine O’Grady. The Q&A session titled, “Ask me Anything About Aging,” is to happen in support for Simone Leigh’s solo exhibition. “The Waiting Room.” The legendary new york based artist and critic will not only answer questions about aging itself, but will also explore “the benefits of intergenerational word-of-mouth information and strategy sharing among women.”  Bring a friend, this ought to be fun!

nyc gallery openings

Lorraine O’Grady. Courtesy of the New Museum


And not too far off from the New Museum, The Swiss Institute, or pardon me – now going by the Swiss In Situ, will be hosting a Zine Library event by Nieves and Innen. The two publication houses will bring in 15 years worth of pocket-sized & image-based artist books embracing the now burgeoning zine community. Artists themselves will be coming in to talk about their publishing practices.

NYC gallery openings

Swiss In situ (2016). Courtesy of Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art New York


As for galleries, a definite attention-grabber for this week will be at the Burning in Water Art featuring works by Jesse Krimes. The artist will be showcasing works he smuggled out of jail via his friends and family. He crafted each work out of contraband materials during his 6 years at a maximum-security prison for non-violent drug offense in 2009. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Happy gallery-going!

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Header image Courtesy Matthew Marks and the artist, Nayland Blake. Detail of Joe Dellesandro as Augustin, (1991-1994)



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