Are you trying to keep up with all things art but struggling to get a grasp of what’s currently happening in the art world? Read up!

If you are new to the art world or just trying to impress a date, here are a few things you can do to start keeping up with contemporary art.

Contemporary Art piece by Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin via @artdrunk


You already spend half of your day on social media, you might as well follow more interesting accounts and learn a bit from them. By following artists, museums, art galleries and other art related accounts you can easily keep up with contemporary art. You’ll learn about new exhibits, current art trends and what your favorite artist is up to! You’ll definitely get more inspiration from these accounts than from looking at your roommate’s food posts or your co-worker’s selfies.

We recommend following the next few accounts for daily posts!  

  • ArtDrunk (@artdrunk): Gary Yeh is a recent art history graduate who posts his reaction to current contemporary art exhibits and artworks. His posts are sincere and loaded with art facts, beautiful works of art and cool art happenings!
  • Maria Brito (@mariabrito_ny): Maria Brito is a contemporary art advisor, art collector, creative designer and curator. Her Instagram is filled with colorful posts featuring current art exhibits in NYC and the rest of the world as well as profiles on new contemporary artists.
  • ArtObserved (@artobserved): Art Observed is an art blog featuring contemporary art news and events “observed” around New York City. Their Instagram will show you which exhibits are worth going to.
  • ArtFollowers (@artfollowers): This minimalist account posts daily contemporary artwork that will help you expand your knowledge and will inspire you to get out and explore galleries around the city!
Contemporary Art piece by Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch via @c.a.daily


Art Blogs

Spending at least 10 minutes everyday skimming and reading blogs filled with art news can go a long way. You will be informed not only about what is going on in the art world, but also learn a lot about new artists in the industry.

If you want to find out more about contemporary art (and the people who make, buy and sell it) we recommend reading the following art websites:

  • Hyperallergic: Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today. It features art world news as well as reviews of current art exhibitions.
  • Contemporary Art Daily: This blog focuses mainly on providing you with contemporary art exhibits happening across the world. They post pictures and the relevant details of each exhibition for you, making it your one stop shop for the cutting edge of the art world.
  • artnet News: This news outlet posts daily articles about what’s going in A.R.T. In order to keep up with contemporary art you must also keep up with the art market and its players!
Contemporary Art piece by Kika Karadi

Kika Karadi via @seesawmap



Most art news outlets have their own apps but there are also apps made specifically to follow gallery openings and events.

Downloading these apps will make visiting art galleries way more convenient!

  • Seesaw: This app helps you plan your visits to contemporary art galleries in NY, LA, Berlin, London and Paris with a custom map. With it, you can browse for artists and galleries by neighborhood and view exhibition information, images and press releases. It also shows you the hours, website, and contact info for each gallery. Too easy.
  • Art.World: Art.World lets you save the shows you want to see and displays them in a map form, letting you choose by proximity which shows to attend.

These are only a few ways to keep up with contemporary art! Attending art fairs and gallery openings as often as possible will also help you network with artists and others inside the art world and will certainly give you an insight in the trends of the contemporary art world. Good luck!