By now, I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video–more so all the spoofs that it gave birth to. Here at ArtBinder, we wanted to try our hand at what the internet loves to see: people picking fun at Drake and his fresh dance moves using works from ArtBinder Viewer we found online. We know that Drake “[effs] with Turrell,” but that got us to wonder what might Hotline Bling would have looked like if Drake eff’d with other great artists. We took the liberty and created what this might look like for your enjoyment. If you’re curious about what these pieces (and many more) would look like without Drizzy check out Viewer to explore other galleries, artists, exhibitions–not to mention ColorSearch! Better yet, if you think you can do it differently, please share your renditions with us on our Twitter and Facebook page. Hotline Bling on!

Master Spy by Julio Larraz
Marlborough Gallery 


Untitled (S.#187-192) by Donald Judd at Brooke Alexander

Untitled (S.#187-192) by Donald Judd
Brooke Alexander Gallery 


Mark Borghi Fine Art Drake Image:

Untitled by Peter Halley
Mark Borghi Fine Art 


At David Kordansky Gallery Drake Image:

Greenwich Village 1965 by Matthew Brannon
David Kordansky Gallery 

At Anton Kern Drake Image:

Yours Truly, Frankenstein Astrachan by Ellen Berkenblit
Anton Kern Gallery