Last week, the New York Public Library released over 180,000 images to the public domain for high-resolution download and, on top of that, created an amazing visualization page.

With the visualization tool, anyone with an internet connection can crawl through the massive collection, which can be sorted by century, genre, collection, and color. We had major déjà vu from this summer when we spent hours looking through our favorite repository of images on ArtBinder Viewer using ColorSearch. Thanks NYPL! We love the access and can’t wait to dig through the waiting treasures.

The collection has everything from historic photos…

NYPL_digitalCollections_ArtBinderThe Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, The New York Public Library. Ben Shahn, Two African-American youths. West Memphis, Arkansas, 1935. [Further details]


to maps…

NYPL_digitalcollections_ArtBinderThe New York Public Library. TheRand McNally map of the Borough of Manhattan, 1917. [Further details]


an extensive collection of menus, for some reason…

NYPL_digitalcollections_artbinderRare Book Division, The New York Public Library. BREAKFAST [held by] NEW YORK & LIVERPOOL U.S. MAIL STEAMER ARCTIC [at] (SS), 1851–1859. [Further details]


and some things that Tim Burton would have dreamt up.

NYPL_digitalcollections_ArtBinderArt and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. Next Hideous “Sensation Chignon,” 1868. [Further details]


Check out the rest of the new NYPL digital collection at their website. Beware! Searching through the database may cause procrastination, nostalgia, and a headache due to the overwhelming realization of how big the world is.