As might be indicated by the avalanche of candy-colored place-markers on the map below, this week’s a busy ‘un for gallery openings. We’d advise you to get your hands on a decent cloning machine before this evening, because just as Bryce Wolkowitz will be rolling out the carpet for Yorgo Alexpoulos’s Act of Nature, a solo showing of the artist’s sensorially sublime multimedia work, Hauser & Wirth will be abuzz uptown with the uncorking of a long-overdue Fausto Melotti survey.

Tomorrow, well, good luck, because just as you wouldn’t be caught dead missing Skarstedt’s show of a lesser-seen Mike Kelley, you’d kick yourself for passing up Mitchell-Innes & Nash’s new glimpse at the work of Tom Wesselmann, card-carrying member of the Pop Art vanguard. Your weekend plans are your business, but don’t say we didn’t tell you about, say, Art in General’s linguistically focused Shifters show or Koenig & Clinton’s new dip into the meta-photographic.

Now, even when faced with the sort of white-wall smorgasbord this week promises, we’ve all been known to bow beneath the weight of plans, responsibilities, and psychic strain, asking, “do I really need to go that opening?” We can’t make your decisions for you (much as we’ve tried), but we can offer you a flowchart that might help. See below:

ArtBinder, Gallery Openings


Here’s how to use the Gallery Guide:

  • The map’s various colors represent different days of the week. For a key, click on the arrow icon next to the map title.
  • For example, to see galleries with openings on the weekend only, first click on the arrow icon. If you uncheck every box except Saturday and Sunday, you will only see the galleries with weekend receptions.
  • Click on a marker to find out more information! A side bar will appear showing the gallery and exhibition name, as well as other useful tidbits.
  • To prevent confusion for galleries in the same building, the marker takes a different shape for every overlapping venue.