ArtBinder, Gallery Openings

Our gallery openings schedule is shaping up to be relatively light and breezy this week. There’s a strong sense that New York’s art sector is still dragging itself out of its Frieze-induced stupor and brushing off the confetti, bottle-caps, and donkey hair from the week that was. And that’s to be expected. Fairs can weigh as heavily as a weekend spent winding through IKEA or dodging battalions of strollers at Six Flags—particularly when consumed by the handful—and after every bout of booth-hopping comes a necessary period of hibernation. NYC is hardly snoozing, though (never one for sleep, was it?), and Chelsea, Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side will still be greeting the weekend with a mess of shows well worth your semi-precious time.

While today you’ve got Kour Pour extending his conversation with traditional Japanese art in a new solo show at Feuer/Mesler, tomorrow finds a wave of high-profile shows rolling into Chelsea, with Xu Lei’s studied ink works and Koen Delaere’s dazzling, volatile meta-paintings featuring among the fanfare. Friday will train the spotlight on camaraderie and collaboration as Invisible Exports and Transmitter both toss cheekily titled group shows in the ring, and Saturday and Sunday are poised to kick the week close with exhibitions at Postmasters and Pierogi, respectively.


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Header image:

Koen Delaere
Oil paint and acrylic on canvas
84 1/2 x 59 inches (214.6 x 149.9 cm)

Courtesy Mike Weiss Gallery