With a three day weekend behind us, our bodies are recharged and we are ready for the next wave of NYC gallery openings that has the #artworld talking. Forget the myth of the “summer slump” because with a rush of high energy shows, the city has never been more alive. Make the most of the late night museum hours and the mingle away at the bubbly Chelsea gallery openings.

Yes, you! Grab a friend, take your smartphone and get ready to Instagram because these shows are a feast for the eye. From the Lower East Side to the Upper East Side, undoubtedly, there is something for everyone.

The Must See’s:  

This week boasts a bunch of spectacular group shows, but only a few made the cut. The first is at Nathalie Karg called “Boys and Girls Can Still Draw” to transport you back to your childhood, where the lines between painting and drawing are blurred. On a brighter note (literally), the group show at Pace Macgill  “Make Light of It” breaks down photography to its core: the experimentation with light. And finally, Rachel Uffner Gallery’s group show “Puff Pieces” curated by the contemporary art group “Feelings” literally plays with “puffy” forms for a means of sensory expression through paintings and sculptures.  

The standout solo show of the week goes to Pia Camil’s at Blum & Poe titled “Slats, skins and shop fittings” which joins the discourse of American Minimalism. Camil reinterprets pieces by Frank Stella’s iconic images and infuses them with contemporary social and cultural implications.


Here’s how to use the Gallery Guide:

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Header image: Jayson Musson, Pedestrian (detail), 2014, fiberglass, powder coated paint, 73 x 32 x 32 inches (185.4 x 81.3 x 81.3 cm), Image courtesy of Salon 94 and Rachel Uffner Gallery