Happy Friday..the 13th.. today marks a day many of us associate a certain individual named Jason and whom also happens to wear a vintage hockey goalie mask around. By now we are all quite familiar with the Friday the 13th movies, so let’s not belabor this point. Instead of spending your weekend hiding from either people named Jason or owners of goalie masks we want to help you plan your weekend out on the town.

We bring you the gallery closings map for this weekend around NYC. You don’t want miss out on these great shows because they offer you a perfect opportunity to plan your outings this weekend. If you can’t get enough of the art this weekend have no fear because on Monday we’ll have a Openings Guide filled with a fresh new lot of openings for your work week too. Here at ArtBinder we’re not too superstitious, but just to safe we wanted our map this week to pay tribute to the movies through our strategic use of red, black, and white pins.