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Are you hungry? If your answer is yes, sorry – that’s about to get worse. If your answer is no, sorry – you will be by the end of this article. If the major success of The Museum of Ice Cream didn’t make it clear enough, the intersection between art, food, and instagram is more popular and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. That’s right fellow art lovers and obsessive foodies, sit back, enjoy, and get ready to add 5 more instagram accounts to your feed – I promise you won’t regret it. After all, the camera eats first!

1. For the follower who wants the triple threat – art, food, AND fashion…(oh my!):

Ever wanted to wear a dress made out of brussels sprouts? Okay fine, we didn’t either….until we started following Gretchen Röehr’s account, which features high-fashion outfits made of everyday food items.
Art and Food Instagram Groehrs

2. For the follower who is heavily caffeinated:

It’s hard to resist getting lost in Ghidaq al-Nizar’s dreamy designs made entirely of coffee – we get positively ~buzzed~ when he posts a new masterpiece.
Art and Food Instagram coffeetopia

3. For the follower who believes mom was wrong and we SHOULD play with our food:

Bananas adorned with incredible depictions of popular pieces from Hokusai’s “Great Wave” to Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” greet you as you click on Elisa Roche’s Instagram. PotassiYUM!
Art and Food Instagram funwithfruit

4. For the follower perpetually focused on finding the most aesthetically pleasing accounts:

Look no further! Vega’s colorful and addicting account combines graphic design, art, and food in one yummy and beautiful package. BRB, changing all of our phone backgrounds…
Art and Food Instagram eatingpatterns

5. For the follower looking for a whimsical account to break up all those selfies:

We’ve got you covered. Daryna Kossar’s creative food-art is the refreshing and delicious account you’ve been craving. Did we mention there are photos of her adorable puppy sprinkled throughout her feed?
Art and Food Instagram darynakossar


Not full yet? ArtBinder’s Instagram will serve you art for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy!