We get it. It’s the end of an art fair.

You’re tired.

You’re wearing heels.

If you have to stop yet another tourist from falling into your Anish Kapoor mirrored dish, you will just lose it.


We’ve been on both sides of the booth at art fairs. As exhibitors, we’ve stood for hours through previews, openings, spending full days fielding price and artist questions. As collectors and art fair visitors, we’ve asked those same annoying questions that exhibitors hate (“Are you the artist?”)


One of our biggest pet peeves, however, as both long-time exhibitors and very frequent visitors of art fairs, is when staff in a booth simply give up. Pfft. Nada. By the fourth day of a fair, we inevitably fight the instinct to shake some gallerinas on their phones and tell them to “Stay alert! You got this, girl!” right in their beautiful, immaculately done faces. (No seriously, guys, what concealers are you all using??)

So here are just a few tips we’ve compiled to make sure that you maintain a good first impression for the visitors in your booth. We know you got it in you. You go, girl.


First Impressions_ArtBinder



Header image: courtesy of Lisson Gallery and the artist, Anish Kapoor