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Featured Art Fair: Seattle Art Fair

Featured Art Fair: Seattle Art Fair


We’re back, and we are talking Seattle Art Fair. Last year’s fair accumulated over 15,000 visitors. Ticket sales just from the first two hours alone raised $85,000 for Artist Trust. But did the art sell? Is Seattle Art Fair indeed a success, or was it established to bring art to the limelight of technology?

Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, created Seattle Art Fair last year in an attempt to bring his personal love for art to the forefront of Silicon Valley. In its second year running, spanning August 4 – August 7, and with a roster of over 80 national and international galleries, will techies finally decide to invest in art?


Public Fiction, an innovative gallery space and publication, will be turning heads with an array of video art exploring the fast growing archive of digital media.

seattle art fair artbinder

Courtesy of Public Fiction and Seattle Art Fair

While the “Big Three” (Zwirner, Pace and Gagosian) were all present last year, Gagosian has decided to sit this round out…hmmmm. Perhaps Marlborough will replace the household name gallery by blowing us away with the works of Dale Chihuly – the Seattle glass champion.

seattle art fair artbinder

Dale Chihuly, Blue Persian Installation, 2015. Image courtesy of Marlborough and Seattle Art Fair

If you are looking for eclectic artwork, visit Sundaram Tagore Gallery. With outposts in New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong, you will find a sculpture made of flip-flops that’s a seamlessly beautiful pair of wings. And last but not least, Catherine Clark Gallery delivers nothing short of excellence with a variety of paintings, sculpture, and just awesome art.

seattle art fair

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Last Flight. 2009, Used slippers & metal stand 107.3 x 77.2″ Image courtesy of Sundaram Tagore Gallery and Seattle Art Fair


Insider Tip:

What may set apart Seattle Art Fair, not for its art, but for its curated international offerings, unique site installations and performances, organized by Laura Fried – this year’s artistic director.


We know art fairs can get a little hectic, so charge your iPads, open up ArtBinder, and all of our amazing features are waiting for you. Of course, follow us on Twitter for the latest #artworld gossip.


Header courtesy of Catherine Clark Gallery


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