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Featured Art Fair: Art Marbella

Featured Art Fair: Art Marbella


What was once home to Pablo Picasso, the Spanish avant-garde, and of course, tapas deliciosas, is now home to the European art fair of the moment: Art Marbella. While you are galavanting around Europe for your summer getaway, be sure to pencil in Art Marbella for the icing-on-the-cake to a three day cultural hub featuring the best of European and international artists.

Since the smashing success of the first edition, Art Marbella has secured renown artists and galleries, and producing an array of special exhibitions, refining its edges. In its second year running, Art Marbella is home to 47 galleries, 32 from Spain, and a handful from all around the world like Morocco, Taiwan, and Brazil.


Before your Instagram is flooded with the eclectic and collector-friendly art, brush up on the standout artists and galleries that are definitely worth the visit, and the hashtag.

Saida Art Contemporain (Morocco): Although from the small village of Tetuán, these artists are powerful and are the leading Moroccan contemporary artists.


art marbella

Carlos Nicanor, Trunk, 2011. Courtesy of Twin Gallery

Twin Gallery (Madrid): If you do not know who Carlos Nicanor is, you sure will after you see his sculptures that are injected with intriguing illusions of delicate subjects.


art marbella

Miki Leal, Bajo la Cama, 2015. Courtesy of F2 Galeria

F2 Galeria (Madrid): a pop-surrealist approach to textiles, mosaics and architectures featuring the works of Spanish artist, Miki Leal.


Catch a solo show by the LA-based artist known as Mr. Brainwash produced by Hispánica Contemporánea, an exhibit titled “Nomonochrome” which is a colorful approach to speed and cars exploding with Jaime Gili’s creations, and a group show of 18 popular, contemporary, and emerging artists from Malaga.

Insider Tip:

Spain houses some of the most incredible gastronomic experiences and the food at this fair is courtesy of the Seville chefs from “Tu Otra Cocina.” Think Lower East Side meets the South of Spain and you are in for a treat.

Of course, if you are at the fair, use ArtBinder for the incredible Checkout process! We promise, it’s worth it 🙂

Header image courtesy of Sala Branca, Portugal


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