Sebastian Vallejo uses the term “paramnesia”  to identify a mental condition in which the connection between memory and a sense of words is lost. This, combined with fantasy, poetry and deja-vu, serves as a starting point in which Vallejo articulates his artistic anxieties. His newest exhibition at Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española  offers a panoramic view of his last eight years of pictorial and photographic production.

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Vallejo spontaneously depicts the expansive character of Caribbean nature by integrating fabrics with printed patterns that allude to a nostalgic tropic. Sebastian’s creative process places his work between the graphics arts, painting and collage. His conceived images are the result of experimentation with the historical tradition of abstract painting.


Under a thick and colorful impasto, the viewer can divine tropical flowers reminiscent of those from the artist’s native Puerto Rico. These paintings are the chaotic result of the artist’s fantastical anxiety, derived from his origins in the Caribbean. 


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Paramnesia is Vallejo’s first solo exhibition in a museum and is open to the public until August 28, 2016, at the Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sebastian Vallejo is represented by private dealer Zawahra Alejandro. Additional Information