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A lot goes into getting ready for an art fair. You’ve been planning your booth, updating your ArtBinder, you’re ready for game day. Don’t forget the tiny things that make a BIG difference. Here is a list of 11 things you’re probably forgetting. Extra points if you put all these items in a handy, ready-at-any-moment bag to […]


We get it. It’s the end of an art fair. You’re tired. You’re wearing heels. If you have to stop yet another tourist from falling into your Anish Kapoor mirrored dish, you will just lose it.   We’ve been on both sides of the booth at art fairs. As exhibitors, we’ve stood for hours through previews, […]

Gallery openings can be stressful. With approximately 1 million things to organize and prepare, you’re probably (read: definitely) missing something here or there. We picked out 5 mistakes that make your life more difficult on your very special Thursday nights. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Make your openings as stress-free as possible, heed our advice! If you don’t work […]


The art advisor: the omnipresent, all knowledgeable gatekeeper to the #artworld. Managing, collecting, selling, curating, they do it all. Second to the art collector, some would say they have the best job in the #artworld (hint: we would). Our art advisor clients are always on the go, traveling with clients, spec’ing spaces, and meeting with artists. […]

And the beat goes on, In Orbit readers, the proverbial ‘beat,’ in this case, being the mounting thump of PULSE New York. Since 2005, PULSE has been gracing the New York and the warmer climes of Miami with veritable feasts of contemporary offerings from across the globe, and for its 11th go-around, it promises the usual breadth of […]

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Let me guess, kind reader—while ArtBinder does absolute wonders for your impossibly vast, world-class inventory of red panda photographs, you’re just itching to get that stockpile of heart-melting videos up on your AB account. Having seen red pandas in action, believe me: I empathize. And as it’s our place to teach—to guide you through the wilderness of ArtBinder’s ins and […]


Ah, the edition. By virtue of its lengthy history, medium specificity, and slippery ties to value, it’s an elusive concept indeed, especially for those less-than-familiar with the domains of printmaking and photography. Since the Old Masters, though, the concept has proved a crucial element in the sales and distribution of etchings, lithographs, and more recently, […]

Last month, we released our newest feature, Invoicing! If you thought emailing artwork images and details from the app was easy, now you can also invoice clients with just a few taps. Already perfectly formatted, your invoices are good to go to clients in a matter of seconds. Now the only thing the ArtBinder app can’t do […]

What are inventory IDs? Inventory IDs are one way to organize your works and be able to identify which work goes with which artist. How are inventory IDs used with ArtBinder? Inventory IDs help our clients keep track of their inventory and search for particular objects. In ArtBinder, inventory IDs let our software know which […]