Ai Weiwei Public Art NYC

Tired of paying exorbitant museum entry fees? Desperate for some fresh air in our concrete jungle? Exploring public art installations is not only accessible and free, it also opens the door to some of the most radical and beautiful sculptures, murals, and monuments in NYC. Public art fosters a sense of community, transforms unapproachable spaces […]

Ahh spring is in the air. The sun is shining and our winter woes are finally behind us (sort of). That can only mean one thing: it’s time for Public Art Pandemonium where the best public art exhibits from around the country go head to head. Who will win this prestigious, competitive, and totally legit […]

ArtBinder, Primer

Encapsulating an artist and their work is no easy task, and when one is forced to do this in a short, sweet manner—on the floor of a fair, during a fast-paced call, or, god forbid, in the space of an elevator ride—the challenge grows bigger still. When it comes to the gritty, breakneck primer, where does […]

You’ve made it. You’re an accomplished collector, a prominent gallery director, a renowned artist. There’s artwork practically dripping off the walls of your home/gallery/studio and suddenly you’re hit with an unavoidable truth – Where are you going to put all this stuff? As much as we would like to cover the walls/windows/tables/desks/chairs/etc of the ArtBinder […]

What weekend gallery openings are you going to be talking about in the office come Monday? Well, after getting a glimpse into the oeuvre of Anton van Dalen at Sargent’s Daughters (that was the May 18th, wasn’t it?), you took Thursday night to loop back to the East Side and catch Justine Hill’s wildly contoured canvases at Denny […]

Art World, ArtBinder

A “hobby”? A “passing interest”? Feh. Don’t kid yourselves, folks: remaining cued-in to the art world’s movements and shifts—serious and superficial, tidal and microscopic—is a full-time nail-biter of a job that rivals those of space-walking astronauts. (Or, OK, maybe deep-sea divers.) Even with your favorite news app bearing the brunt of the impact by lassoing your 100–200 RSS streams […]

ArtBinder, Gallery Openings

Our gallery openings schedule is shaping up to be relatively light and breezy this week. There’s a strong sense that New York’s art sector is still dragging itself out of its Frieze-induced stupor and brushing off the confetti, bottle-caps, and donkey hair from the week that was. And that’s to be expected. Fairs can weigh as heavily […]


After a week spent crisscrossing Manhattan in search of intel on Frieze and its ever-growing band of satellite fairs, we’ve opted to set our sights beyond the cozy confines of our city and direct our attention, once again, towards the fair circuit’s global sweep. First on deck is the ART FAIR TOKYO, a long-running institution whose generous dedication to the […]

ArtBinder, NADA

One month after paying NADA a visit in Germany, where the fair reprised its collaboration with the formidable Art Cologne, we find the New Art Dealers camped out in New York’s Basketball City for Frieze. The Lower East Side locale is a familiar one for NADA, having played host to three of its New York editions, and today, Pier 36 booms […]

ArtBinder, Openings

If you’ve been keeping up with our In Orbit series (or are simply a member of the waking world), you’re surely aware that this week is time of unparalleled buzz in New York art channels, marking the opening Frieze and too many fairs to list without need for a catch of breath. And while you may already […]