You know your sign and your Myers-Briggs. Now it’s time to ask the important questions: which piece of work by the Old Masters are you? Do you belong in the Louvre or in lost in someone’s attic?   If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a little 411: the Old Masters are a group […]

  For their upcoming exhibition “My 2000-Year-Old Double,” Quebec’s Musée de la Civilisation is searching for the best look-alike pairings of ancient sculptures and 2017 selfies. The exhibition site invites users to upload their own selfies and then uses facial recognition technology to match your images with their collection of sixty Greco-Roman and Egyptian works. […]


After a week spent crisscrossing Manhattan in search of intel on Frieze and its ever-growing band of satellite fairs, we’ve opted to set our sights beyond the cozy confines of our city and direct our attention, once again, towards the fair circuit’s global sweep. First on deck is the ART FAIR TOKYO, a long-running institution whose generous dedication to the […]

ArtBinder, Téllez

Rarely does an exhibition title feel as freighted as that of To Have Done With the Judgment of God, Koenig & Clinton’s new offering of works by Javier Téllez (b. 1969, Valencia, Venezuela). Commanding, arcane, and smacking of street-preacher eschatology, it casts obscure shadows across the mind; to some, then, it thus should come as […]

ArtBinder, Levine

In 2016, Sherrie Levine stands with her back to a legacy that looms like a monolith. She has taken a world filled to suffocating and reinscribed its horizon; she has placed the canons of modern and contemporary art in a hall of mirrors to be scrutinized anew; she has been given marvelous retrospective treatment and […]

ArtBinder, Lyles & King

In the pages of Weird Science and the backdrops of midcentury sci-fi, the future was all brushed metal and gleaming glass: a baroque vision of the technological sublime viewed through the lens of Cold War utopianism. It was stately, extravagant; governed by a single, unifying design. It looked, in other words, a bit like a […]


Last week, the New York Public Library released over 180,000 images to the public domain for high-resolution download and, on top of that, created an amazing visualization page. With the visualization tool, anyone with an internet connection can crawl through the massive collection, which can be sorted by century, genre, collection, and color. We had major déjà […]

While the art world is cooling down after its summer season of art fairs, why not take a culturally-enriching getaway to the past? Converted artists’ homes and studios to public heritage sites are the perfect destinations for weekend trips during the August lull. Withdrawing from major cities (much like vacationers), artists centered themselves in secluded […]