The ARTxTECH space is growing faster than you can refresh your browser, but the team at The Clarion List will make sure managing your art collection is a breeze. Founded by former Christie’s executives Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich, The Clarion List’s mission is to be your real time research associate to provide insight and real reviews on all services related to art. […]

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We’re back, and we are talking Seattle Art Fair. Last year’s fair accumulated over 15,000 visitors. Ticket sales just from the first two hours alone raised $85,000 for Artist Trust. But did the art sell? Is Seattle Art Fair indeed a success, or was it established to bring art to the limelight of technology? Billionaire […]

Summertime sure feels like a time to be lazy and lethargic, a time to just blast the AC and park yourself somewhere to avoid the heat– but the #artworld keeps moving. Here at ArtBinder, we’ve compiled the most noteworthy headlines in the #artworld this week. If you want to get in the know,  all you […]

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William L. Hamilton from The New York Times calls it the “museum blockbuster of a different kind.” And he couldn’t have worded it any better when referring to The New Museum’s latest show “The Keeper”, which opened its door to the public just yesterday. Massimiliano Gioni (Star curator and the Artistic Director of the museum) and […]

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What was once home to Pablo Picasso, the Spanish avant-garde, and of course, tapas deliciosas, is now home to the European art fair of the moment: Art Marbella. While you are galavanting around Europe for your summer getaway, be sure to pencil in Art Marbella for the icing-on-the-cake to a three day cultural hub featuring […]

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Book a ticket because we are on our way (virtually speaking) to the lifestyle, social, and art event in South Africa: Turbine Art Fair. Who would want to miss an opportunity where young art-lovers, aspiring collectors, and emerging fine art artists unite? Not us! We are tuned in, so don’t tune out.   In just […]

What happens in a single year in the #artworld? Art fairs, gallery openings, and major sales shift all around the world every month. The art world calendar is vast and far reaching. Admit it– it might be hard to keep up. Fortunately for you, ArtBinder has you covered with a detailed month-to-month summary of the […]

With a three day weekend behind us, our bodies are recharged and we are ready for the next wave of NYC gallery openings that has the #artworld talking. Forget the myth of the “summer slump” because with a rush of high energy shows, the city has never been more alive. Make the most of the […]

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With summer in full swing, sun-bathing and 4th of July BBQ are probably on the top of your to-do list. More importantly, you’re also looking to entertain your friends, significant others, and parents/long-lost relatives who are in the city for the long weekend. And what a better way to do that than with a leisurely stroll […]

For the past few weeks, our handy and informative art fair coverage has focused its attention on the Goliath of art fairs, Art Basel, and the equally-exciting satellite fairs that revolve around it. Now, we’re shifting gears and moving past the Alps to the second largest metropolitan center in Japan, Osaka, for today’s featured art […]