Next week’s Miami forecast is sunny with a chance of culture. But if you’re lucky enough to be Basel-bound, you’re also unlucky enough to be buried in deadlines and swamped with assignments.

That’s why, in lieu of the ArtBinder blog’s usual Gallery Guide and Friday Farewell features, we’ve compiled an Art Week Survival Guide. Take a step back from the inventory IDs, a deep breath, and maybe some notes.

Satellite Fairs

Though you’ll become all too familiar with the inside of the Miami Beach Convention Center by the end of Basel, you’ll also want to explore the rest of the eventful Art Week scene in your down time. Outside the main festival await an ever-expanding roster of satellite fairs, listed below in our interactive map.

Confused? How to use the map:

    • The map’s various colors represent different days of the week. For a key, click on the arrow icon next to the map title.
      • For example, to see fairs with openings on the Friday only, first click on the arrow icon. If you uncheck every box except Friday, you will only see the galleries with Friday openings.
    • Click on a marker to find out more information! A side bar will appear showing the fair name, address, ticket information, and website. 
    • Star markers indicate satellite fairs with free admission.

Food & Drink

We’re sure that all of that exploring has you working up an appetite, so we’ve also prepared this handy infographic with our top picks for refueling. Craving Italian? Bunking in Miami Beach? Just want a–well-deserved–glass of wine? We’ve got you covered.

Now back to those invoices and itineraries. After all, Art Week isn’t for the weak. 

See you in Miami!

Miami Art Week City Guide