Lagos has been all over our newsfeed, and for good reason. Over the past few years, the city has attracted increasing attention on a global scale for its thriving art scene. Here’s why we think it should be your next art destination, and possibly your favorite! Events The city made a big splash in the […]

Another year, another success! With all of its new programming, this year’s edition of Frieze New York brought new energy to the fair, from a change in layout to a more curatorial feel. When reflecting on our favorite works, we realized most of them were a result of these efforts! Here are a few standouts: Sculpture […]

Roll out the red carpet: the 2018 Met Gala is nearly upon us! There are only a few days left before the who’s who of the fashion world sashays up the Met’s staircase in outfits we’ll be talking about for years (we’re looking at you, RiRi). We love the thrill of the event, from gushing over […]

Frieze New York opens in a week, and we know you’re as excited as we are!  As announced in January, the fair’s seventh edition is shaking things up with three new, exciting additions to the schedule (well, four if you’re also hyped about the new ferry situation). Here’s what we know: For Your Infotainment / […]

The art world is in constant motion. Each day brings new exhibitions to see, reviews to read, and, for collectors, opportunities to invest. There’s never a dull moment, which can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. That’s why every art collector needs an arsenal of easy-to-navigate apps at their fingertips to lighten the load. […]

Guilty as charged. Sometimes art is so good it leaves you speechless, and you instantly fall back on a handful of go-to phrases. We’ve all been there, so when we came across a recent post by TheArtGorgeous listing 3 overused descriptions that the art world should stop using, we started to brainstorm alternatives. Here are […]

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We know, we know–this isn’t your first rodeo. It’s Armory Week and you’re packed, Instagram-ready, and have spent hours upon hours perfecting your PDF files and print outs. My friend, if that last bit is you, get ready to say adieu to your printer and hello to our mobile presentation tool (aka your new best […]

The 2018 New Museum Triennial, entitled Songs for Sabotage, opened last week, but don’t feel bad if it slipped under your radar. Though this is the museum’s fourth triennial, it’s still a relatively new face on the -ennial scene. It’s the younger sibling, if you will, of the Whitney Biennial, whose 79th installment is a […]

It’s a big year for anniversaries. From Carrie Bradshaw’s first Cosmopolitan to the day Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hit U.S. bookstores (has it really been 20 years?), there’s a lot to feel nostalgic about. Reminiscing about iconic pop culture moments isn’t the only reason we here at ArtBinder are getting sentimental. Some of […]