For their upcoming exhibition “My 2000-Year-Old Double,” Quebec’s Musée de la Civilisation is searching for the best look-alike pairings of ancient sculptures and 2017 selfies. The exhibition site invites users to upload their own selfies and then uses facial recognition technology to match your images with their collection of sixty Greco-Roman and Egyptian works. […]

The world can be divided into ten groups of art-viewers. We’ve all seen them, been annoyed by them, and pretended like we weren’t staring. But never before have these universal poses been so thoroughly investigated and catalogued. Here is your ultimate guide to the body language of gallery browsing. You’re welcome. Fig Leafs are abundant, […]

Trump is breaking up with the NEA. Take a look at these actual and totally legitimate texts from the NEA’s phone. This is not NBD. Trump’s 2018 Federal Budget Proposal makes it excruciatingly clear that putting “America First” means leaving publicly funded art far behind.   – Show Me The Money – According to their […]

About 6 months ago, I found myself sifting through the massive online world of NYC arts organizations. I was just a girl looking for some direction, some inspiration, and, okay fine, anyone who would hire me. Enter ArtBinder, stage left. ArtBinder initially stuck out to me because of their fusion of the start-up world and […]

Ahh spring is in the air. The sun is shining and our winter woes are finally behind us (sort of). That can only mean one thing: it’s time for Public Art Pandemonium where the best public art exhibits from around the country go head to head. Who will win this prestigious, competitive, and totally legit […]

Picture this. You’re at a gallery opening in Chelsea. You’re wearing shoes that don’t fit you as well as you want them to (because they’re not slippers) and all of your effort is concentrated on not walking into the large, abstract sculpture in the middle of the white room. The event is undoubtedly filled with […]

Let’s start with some good news, shall we? Now—arguably, more than they have in the last forty years—bad@ss artists and everyday-goddesses are coming together to produce provocative resistance art and ultimately work to protect fundamental human rights (because the people in power sort of kind of forgot that part of their job). Even for those […]