Good morning, #artworld! While Team ArtBinder is hopping from Sao Paolo to Cologne and beyond this week, we are even more excited for the start of a hometown staple in our arts calendar: the Tribeca Film Festival! While we’re deciding what screenings we’ll be standing in the Rush ticket line for (Live Cargo and Win! are looking hot hot hot), catch up on what else you missed in the #artworld last week. Enjoy!

Art Night in London, anybody?

“Whoever thinks of going to bed before 12 o’clock is a scoundrel”- Samuel Johnson:



Did you binge-watch House of Cards? Who didn’t?! Now Frank Underwood has earned his rightful place in the National Portrait Gallery.

Underwood for President:



Looking for a new apartment? Andy Warhol’s first studio is up for grabs. You just need $10 million.

Snatch it before it POPS off the market:



Speaking of Pop, CBS did a piece on Corita Kent, one of the most undervalued Pop artists.

“Nun” of us are joking when we say we love her work:



No longer a fallen angel! The Met successfully restored a sculpture that took a tumble: