ArtBinder, Millennial Train Project, Weekly Reads

Our new batch of weekly reads represents a diverse selection, with articles ranging from potatoes to trains. Have a look at all of these stories so you have something to talk about at parties. Everyone will wonder: where do you get all this information from?

ArtBinder, i-D, Vice Magazine

Gran Fury, Wall Street Money (All three versions) (Courtesy NYPL)

i-D published an article which showcased five young professionals trying (and succeeding) to make it in the art world in NYC. The stories presented were encouraging, realistic, and very #relatable.

A welcome reality check:


Recently, a portrait of a potato by photographer Kevin Abosch sold for approximately one million dollars. Now that’s a good looking potato.

We’re still digging for just the right pun:


ArtBinder, Millennial Train Project, Weekly Reads

                                    Image courtesy The Millennial Trains Project [Source]

Ever wanted to run away on a train? Well The Millennial Trains Project is taking ambitious and creative young folk (ages 18–34) around the US to find new inspiration and create something great after their weeklong journey. All aboard!

Mind the gap:


It saddened us to hear that Thornton Dial passed this last week. This article by Hyperallergic provides a great sampling of his work and his impact on art.

A tremendous loss of a tremendous life:

ArtBinder, Frieze Academy, Weekly Reads

                                                    Mid-Manhattan, Readers (Courtesy NYPL)

The people at Frieze are working to broaden their horizons on their 25th anniversary this year, and have started Frieze Academy to do so. The Academy will provide lectures and short courses on how to run a gallery for those already in the professional world. Sounds like a wonderful idea to us!

Zip up your backpacks and hit the books: launches-/