Up the mountains, and through the river, we have returned from the beloved fair Art Basel and we are here to spread the world on the latest #artworld news.

After feasting on croissants and espressos galore, mingling with gallerinas and collectors in heels and sneakers (see below), our eyes and bodies have returned from speeding through booth by booth and absorbing all of the colors and textures the #artworld has to offer. If you missed out on the dirty deets of the satellite fairs, be sure to feast your eyes on our blog posts of Volta, Liste, and SCOPE.

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Passionate protesters have raised havoc in regards to Tate Modern’s new expansion by chanting “OI TATE, WE’VE GOT A VENDETTA – WHERE THE F!*K IS ANA MENDIETA?”, or “ANDRE, ANDRE, ANDRE, WHAT YOU GONNA DO, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN WE COME FOR YOU?”

Girls gotta do what they gotta do.

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Image courtesy of Hyperallergic


From last week’s devastating attack in Orlando, the #artworld responds to the largest mass shooting in America

Creatives unite for #OrlandoShooting, we are stronger than violence!

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Image courtesy of Artnet and @Pioneerworks Instagram


Were heading South! Set sail for the very first Biennial in Antarctica from Venice, Yes. It is the South Pole  (were already thinking about all of the cute polar bears and penguins)

Just don’t forget to pack accordingly….

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Image courtesy of Art Newspaper


Leo can now add Top Collector to his awards list! Didn’t meet the cut? It’s okay neither did we. Here is Artnet’s  Top 100 art collectors

There’s always next year!

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Image courtesy of Artnet


The current fashion meets art debate falls is do you feel more powerful in heels or sneaks? Gallerinas from Art Basel weigh in on the advantages of an extra few inches, and the results are surprising!

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Header image courtesy of Artnet