ArtBinder at Home: How Art Collectors use ArtBinder


Eugenio Lopez shot for Sotheby’s

ArtBinder collectors are true art lovers, #artworld geeks who see the best shows, and attend the best fairs. Chatting with our collectors about the latest and greatest in the #artworld, trading recommendations about which museums to visit and discussing which artists we absolutely must see are definitely some of the best perks of the job! We love customizing our collectors’ ArtBinder accounts so they can best enjoy their art collection from anywhere. If you’re interested in trying ArtBinder out for free, we can help you get started with that.

Our collector clients use ArtBinder to have visual access to their artworks.  The difference between ArtBinder and other systems is that ArtBinder provides our clients with a polished and elegant app to quickly reference works right from an iPad based on the reasons you acquired them: their artistic achievements. By looking up acquisitions based on their image, the collector can easily store, display and even share art with advisors, friends and family! For more information about how ArtBinder can help you or your clients enjoy their art collections, read on or check out more information here. 


Thomas Croft for Telegraph UK


ArtBinder provides the perfect platform to visually manage your inventory. From the image of an artwork, you can access whatever attached information is of interest: provenance, artist biographies, exhibition history, invoices, Certificates of Authenticity, relevant press articles and more. You can also attach multiple views to the same artwork, allowing you to plan and curate your residences easily, without moving any pieces.

ArtBinder is also invaluable when it comes to accessing the works you may have in storage. We work with countless collectors who use ArtBinder to visually reference works they have in different cities, states and countries. Our clients love to use ArtBinder to stay on top of what works they have where and to maintain an accurate and up to date map of their inventory. Our collectors know that stewardship is a privilege, but also, more importantly, a responsibility.



(If you’ve got it, flaunt it.)

We love to organize our clients’ iPads so they can always have ArtBinder on hand to reference their collections for themselves or to show their friends. What you have in your office could be very different from what you have in your residence. Your collection is large – it contains multitudes. View what you want when you want to. 

We also have clients who mount ArtBinder on the walls of their different homes. This provides a sleek way for your visitors to explore and learn about the works you have shown in your various residences. Discretion is paramount to our platform so any details you don’t want to share with others can easily be toggled off in the app’s settings!

We have many happy advisors and collectors who use ArtBinder to best enjoy their art collections.

If you’re interested in using ArtBinder for your own collection or for a client’s collection, we can offer a 30 day free trial to gauge a fit. Get started here.