With summer just around the corner, there is no such thing better than an art weekend plan in town. Take a look at our ArtBinder picks!


May 02, 2015 – Jun 27, 2015

Pace Gallery


(Photo credit: ArtNet)

A group exhibition Eureka featuring 10 artists including Alexander Calder, Tim Hawkinson and James Siena, who observe and map the cosmological, metaphysical and scientific through painting, sculpture and music is on view at Pace Gallery at 25th Street. Among which, Tim Hawkinson’s Gimbled Klein in Basket should be the highlight.

This installation was made in 2007 with bamboo and wire, which creates an analog rendering of an impossible object – the Klein bottle. Being suspended from the ceiling in the central gallery, this piece creates a disordering of space and dimension.


Frida Kahlo: Art. Garden. Life

May 16 – Nov 1, 2015

The New York Botanical Garden


(Photo credit: Hyperallergic)

The natural world was a major motif throughout Frida Kahlo’s entire work, and the major inspiration was from her own ornate garden, which was besides her studio. This exhibition is the first to examine Frida Kahlo’s keen appreciation for the beauty and variety of the natural world, as evidenced by her home and garden as well as the complex use of plant imagery in her artwork. Featuring a rare display of more than a dozen original Kahlo paintings and works on paper.


Ice cream give away – part of the show Drift in Daylight

Through June 20 ,2015

North of the Conservatory Garden

Creative Time and Central Park Conservatory

ice cream truck Hyper

(Photo credit: Hyperallergic)

Free ice cream in Central park!!! From May through June 20, every Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. through June 20, just North of the Conservatory Garden. Ice cream is served out of a solar and battery powered truck. This is by artist Spencer Finch when he sat on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and painted sunsets. “The flavor is light and airy, reflecting the subtle pinks and oranges that made-up the composition of the sunset painting. And it provides visitors a way to experience a sunset in Central Park like never before: Through their taste buds!”


Jeppe Hein: Please Touch the Art

Through December 31, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Public Art Fund

please touch the art

(Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Artwork that wants to be touched! Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s parkwide installation, Please Touch the Art, presented by Public Art Fund, features 18 playful sculptures designed specifically for public interaction. This exhibition includes three distinct bodies of work: Appearing Rooms, a series of “rooms” formed out of jets of water that appear and disappear throughout the day; a large Mirror Labyrinth, featuring evenly-spaced vertical elements of varying heights made from mirror-polished stainless steel that multiply the surrounding landscape; and 16 Modified Social Benches that upend the idea of a traditional park bench with their unconventional angled, curved, twisted, and bent forms.


Fata Morgana by Teresita Fernandez

Through Winter 2015

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park Conservancy

madison square park

(Photo Credit: Madison Square Park)

If you have not already seen this “selfie” worthy outdoor installation, you have till the end of the year. Presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, this is the “largest and most ambitious outdoor sculpture to date.” The sculpture measures at around 500 feet of mirror-polished discs that resemble tree-like “canopies” above the sidewalk. If you’re just walking through the park to get some Shake Shack, or to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, this is a must for both your senses and of course a casual Instagram.



Pace Gallery


New York Botanical Garden




Creative Time


Brooklyn Bridge Park


Madison Square Park