Let’s start with some good news, shall we? Now—arguably, more than they have in the last forty years—bad@ss artists and everyday-goddesses are coming together to produce provocative resistance art and ultimately work to protect fundamental human rights (because the people in power sort of kind of forgot that part of their job).

Even for those who claim to on the outskirts of the art world, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without interacting with protest art. But, in case you’ve been living in an underwater cave with your eyes closed, here are some recent resistant art happenings and things that YOU can do to pitch in.

To all those with a birthday on January 20th

Thousands of galleries, museums, and non-profit organizations closed their doors or modified their admission charges on January 20th in protest of President Trump’s Inauguration. While the efficacy and value of the #J20ArtStrike was highly debated in the art community. it’s safe to say that the movement was impressively widespread. Since Jan. 20th, more and more CEOs and Presidents of major museums and art organizations have been coming out against issues such as Trump’s immigration ban or the threat to defund the NEA and NEH. It’s getting trickier for these leaders to stay silent among a sea of twitter voices, and, in our opinion, that’s just fine.

“What’s your sign?” has taken on a totally new meaning

The boom of protests and rallies (i.e the countless rallies against the immigration ban and the Women’s March on Washington) has surfaced beautifully biting, tragically honest, and hilariously on-point signage. Proving, once again, that great art comes in all shapes and sizes. This is what democracy looks like! 

Can’t stop, won’t stop these artists

Artists are producing resistance work at lightning speed. Knowledge Bennett’s 2016 work, Mao Trump, shows off his Pop Art roots and gets straight to the point(P.S. You can find more of Bennett here http://knowledgebennett.com/). Meanwhile, Zoe Buckman and Natalie Frank have teamed up to create We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, a mural that exposes quotes from male politicians about the female body. Buckman and Frank’s work opens on February 8th at New York Live Arts’ gallery space. Bennett, Buckman, and Frank are just a sample of the work to come in the future and the precedent that’s been set in the past.

As if you didn’t love your phone enough already

Feeling inspired by all this talk about protest art? Action is at your fingertips! Consider downloading “Countable” and “Boycott Trump” two apps for the expensive price of free-99. Countable gives you updates on how your senators and local congresspeople are standing on issues and allows you to contact them with your views. AKA the same exact amount of effort of tinder swiping but way way better. “Boycott Trump” is sponsored by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump and works as a search engine for businesses that support or sell Trump products, making it super easy to give the finger to the 8-year old boy in the White House. Lastly, find an issue that matters to you (Education, LGBTQ, Immigration, the list goes on and on) and call your reps! They want to hear from you. After all, it’s their job and it’s kinda fun.