Using ArtBinder as an Artist

ArtBinder isn’t just for galleries and collectors. Using ArtBinder as an independent artist is the easiest way to manage your inventory for any size collection. We provide all-in-one capabilities to manage your art portfolio, work history, and sales. With ArtBinder, there is no need for third party representation.

Our app is almost entirely visual. What else is art about?


Many of our Artist clients use ArtBinder to keep track of the inventory they’ve either placed with a gallery, are managing in studio or have placed in storage. You can quickly view and display which of your works are available and which have sold. Create Compilations of works to show a specific selection of your works to a gallery or potential buyer, without revealing your entire inventory. All artwork details can be toggled from private to visible easily, allowing you complete discretion as to what information to present to whom. 


With ArtBinder, you always have access to your inventory on your iPad or iPhone, so if you meet a collector at an event, an opening or anywhere, you can share your work with them on the spot! ArtBinder does not require WiFi. 

We offer two easy ways of sharing artworks privately:

  • Email: Compose emails with in-line images embedded into the body of the email, and corresponding details below. Optionally, you can include images and PDFs as attachments.
  • Packets: If you’d like to share a group of works that you feel is too big for email, then you can use Packets, which is essentially a private viewing website of your works. You can provide a limit to the number of times this website link may be clicked, or simply place an expiration date!


If you sell your own artwork, you can use Checkout to process credit card payments from anywhere in the world! With ArtBinder, you can create and send a personalized invoice at the same time. This information is then securely stored in your database so you can safely access it at anytime.


Create an archive of the exhibitions you have been included in, and manage any works you have submitted for consideration for future shows. 
These are just a few of the major benefits of using ArtBinder as an artist. If you would like more information, please let us know!