Using ArtBinder as a Collector

ArtBinder is the leading mobile art collection management app, providing collectors with remote, digital access to their artwork images and details via an iPad or iPhone. Our clients include the most world-renowned collectors, art professionals, and institutions so you’re in good company!

Founded as the first of its kind solution for the art world, the ArtBinder app is completely private and secure, highly customizable, and travels with you wherever you go. Our features were built for elegance and efficiency that you can rely on. Your data is stored securely in the cloud as well as locally on your mobile device for offline access. Additionally, our sharing functionality helps you to quickly email artwork images and documents for insurance or appraisal purposes. Discretion is paramount to our platform so any details you don’t want to share with others can easily be toggled off in the app’s settings.

As a collector using ArtBinder, you can :

  • Access your collection securely from anywhere in the world
  • Work remotely with collection managers or assistants
  • View changes made to the app in minutes
  • Store all of your collection documents in one place
  • See an overview of all the artists in your collection
  • Swipe through works on our sleek app and easily show or hide any details
  • Organize your account by any field, such as location, medium, and more

We are excited to discuss taking your art collection to the next level with ArtBinder. Get in touch with us today!