ArtBinder Mobile Features

ArtBinder Mobile is the leading digital solution for art professionals around the world. You can use our app to display, share and sell artwork directly from you iPad or iPhone.

Here are the key features of ArtBinder Mobile:

  • Display: Create beautiful presentations of your artwork (including high-res images and detail shots), exhibitions, fair booths, and installation shots
  • Organize: Add unlimited customizable fields so you can find specific works with ease!
  • Share: Automatically compose emails with the specific information and images from multiple artworks you choose
  • Sell: Accept payments directly from the app and create an invoice at the same time using Checkout, our point of sale!

Customizable Displays

View your inventory any way you like on our sleek home screen. Create compilations of works such as:

  • what you’re bringing to an art fair
  • works included in exhibitions at the gallery
  • works surrounding a theme of your choice

Display high resolution images of your art to collectors from your iPad that can be easily expanded to see the tiniest of details! There’s no image too big for ArtBinder to handle.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use our Search tool to find artworks, exhibitions, compilations or artists in a flash.


Effortless Emailing and Sharing

Send beautiful emails in seconds, directly from the app, formatted with images and corresponding text. Emails are private to you and do not pass through our servers.

Packets for Bulk Sharing

Packets are private viewing websites that are great alternatives to sending emails, especially if you are sharing a large number of works/information.
 This is a great feature for exhibition openings, email newsletters and working with art advisors. With packets you can:

  • Select a large number of works from various artists
  • Include your gallery logo
  • Set an expiration date for the content to disappear from view
  • Set a limit to how many times the link to the private website can be clicked

Syncing Content

Content is managed via our cloud-based CMS (content management system). We offer bulk uploading to ensure your data can be imported into our system in the most efficient way possible!

When new content is uploaded into your account, it’s very easy to sync your iPad using a wifi connection – anytime, anywhere! 

Local Storage

Don’t have access to Wifi at the moment? Keep using the app normally because once you have synced the app, all your content is stored locally on your device for uninterrupted access and browsing.

You can still compose emails without wifi, which will remain in the Outbox folder and send as soon as you regain an internet connection!  


ArtBinder is fully compatible with existing inventory management and database software, including Filemaker, Artlogic, ArtBase and ArtSystems. We are happy to assist you in finding the best way to sync up your inventory system with ArtBinder!


Your information will always be kept secure with our state-of-the-art encryption tools. We offer top-notch security on every level, and have never had an issue with any of our clients’ data being compromised. We work with some of the most prestigious galleries in the world so security is definitely one of our primary concerns!

ArtBinder also offers the ability for users to set password to open the ArtBinder app itself. This is great for users who share iPads or simply want an extra layer of security!

Data is and always will be yours. We do not own your data, we simply provide a platform for you to manage it.


We provide ongoing support to all our clients – by phone, email or in person at our West Chelsea office! You can get in touch with us at any time of day or night and we’ll be sure to respond to you within one day. We also have a presence at all of the  major art fairs in New York, in addition to most of the major art fairs around the world.

Here are some of the art fairs we’ve visited in the past to support our clients: Art Basel (Miami, Hong Kong and Basel), Frieze (New York and London), FIAC, Artissima, The Armory Show, SP Arte, ARCO Madrid, Zona Maco, Art Berlin Contemporary, Art LA Contemporary, Expo Chicago, and TEFAF.


Don’t miss out on making a big sale – be sure to sign-up for Checkout, an add-on that allows you to accept credit card payments directly from the app! For more information on Checkout and when to use it, take a look at our post highlighting when to use Checkout in the gallery and at the art fair.