About Us

What is ArtBinder?

ArtBinder is the leading digital platform for the art world. Galleries, art dealers, assistants, advisors, collectors and artists themselves love to use our app, ArtBinder Mobile, to present and sell their artworks. ArtBinder Viewer allows collectors to browse and receive updates from the most celebrated art galleries around the world. All content is curated entirely and exclusively by ArtBinder galleries. We’re currently working on some exciting new products including a comprehensive inventory management system. If you’d like to learn more about any of our current or future products, don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you!

What is ArtBinder Mobile?

ArtBinder Mobile is the leading mobile solution for art professionals around the world. You can use our app to display, share and sell artwork directly from you iPad or iPhone. To learn more, check out the details of ArtBinder Mobile’s functionality here!

When was ArtBinder founded?

ArtBinder was founded in 2010 by Alexandra Chemla, a gallery employee, after experiencing the widespread inefficiencies within the art business. Unable to find suitable tools to meet the needs of the industry, she created ArtBinder.

The name ArtBinder references the gigantic binders that art dealers used to lug to art fairs around the world before the iPad and ArtBinder app existed!

Since 2010, ArtBinder Mobile has become an invaluable mobile sales and presentation app for art dealers, galleries, advisors, and independent artists around the world.

I'm not part of an art gallery. How can I use ArtBinder?

Glad you asked. ArtBinder Mobile is a great tool for a wide variety of of art professionals!

Check out our guides for using ArtBinder as a collector, artist, and advisor.

How much does ArtBinder cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of mobile devices used with the account. All accounts have unlimited computer access. You simply pay for the iPads and iPhones you use! For more information on ArtBinder Mobile’s pricing, click here.

How do I get started with ArtBinder?

Getting started with ArtBinder is easy! All you need is 30 seconds, your contact information, and payment details. For more information about signing up for a trial, the on-boarding process, and our support team, click here.

Who are ArtBinder's clients?

Thousands of art professionals and collectors around the world use ArtBinder! Read more about our clients here.